Expert property advice and building reports

Caliber Services offers professional building surveying and inspection services to help you manage your property by quickly identifying and resolving building issues. If you’re a homeowner who needs a post-build or pre-purchase building inspection report, you’ll want peace of mind there’ll be no nasty surprises. That’s what we’re here for, to help homeowners, insurance companies, lawyers, commercial operations, and institutions to manage properties and reduce their risk.

We investigate thoroughly to determine cause and effect then provide you with clear and independent advice that focuses on finding effective solutions. Caliber Services is based in Christchurch, New Zealand, and operates successfully throughout New Zealand and the Pacific Island.


Visit & Listen

Caliber Services offers an initial site visit in order to gain an understanding of your unique building challenge. We are skilled listeners, which, along with our considerable expertise, is why we are able to negotiate successful outcomes for our clients.

Investigate & Report

On your behalf, Caliber Services can interpret and report on construction compliance issues, contribute to maintenance planning, provide building maintenance reports, investigate properties for building defects or failures, or produce premises condition reports.

Advise & Support

Caliber Services’ expert advice builds clarity and creates optimal conditions to break stalemates and resolve issues. We provide independent and impartial advice to determine cause and effect. Our advice is solution focussed and shows clear pathways to action.

Inspection by drone

Looking for problems on rooftops and hard-to-reach places used to mean a lengthy job using ladders or scaffolding. Now, with our drone technology, these inspections are quick, easy, and safe.


Caliber Services is led by Murray Humm, Building Surveyor and Clerk of Works. Murray started out ‘on the tools’ as a building trade apprentice before progressing to facilities management and asset management. He has managed building assets including large, complex tertiary institutions in New Zealand and the Middle East.

Along the way, he has provided expert advice and condition reported on New Zealand-owned properties in the Pacific.

Significant and varied experience in construction and property asset management has given Murray a rare perspective and broad knowledge and understanding of building and infrastructure construction including design defects and failure as well as maintenance and management.

Murray Humm is a Registered Building Surveyor and a member of the New Zealand Institute of Building Surveyors (NZIBS) and Registered as Clerk of Works.